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NIKWAX  Tech Wash Detergent 300 ml Nikwax Tech Wash Detergent 300 ml
Content 0.3 litres (€36.50 / 1 litres)
Article no.: 71706

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NIKWAX  TX Direct Spray-On Impregnation 500 ml Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On Impregnation 500 ml
Content 0.5 litres (€39.90 / 1 litres)
Article no.: 71709

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Nikwax is a manufacturer of high quality cleaning and impregnation products that prolong the life cycle of your cycling clothing and support their functional properties.

At Bobshop you can find detergents, cleaning products as well as sprays for impregnation of cycling clothing or cycling shoes.

Apart from Nikwax products at Bobshop you will find a wide range of textile care products for protecting and cleaning your cycling clothing.

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