Cycling clothing for every discipline: the Bobshop Cycling World

Bobshop keeps a huge selection of cycling clothing on stock, among others a wide range of products by the most renowned premium brands of Road Bike Clothing for Men and Women.This great abundance of articles can sometimes make the selection process time consuming. In the section “my cycling world“ we therefore categorised equipment into different cycling sports disciplines, cycling themes, functionality and style. This way you are sure to quickly find suitable cycling clothing and the corresponding cycling equipment for your preferred cycling sports activity.

Technical cycling clothing and equipment for each bike discipline

  • Road Bike Clothing: compelling technical features for leisure-time cyclists in a wide range of prices and styles
  • Premium Road Bike Clothing: excellent high-tech features for very demanding cyclists at professional level
  • Mountainbike Clothing: functional clothing with a tight fit for performance-oriented mountainbikers
  • Autumn & Winter Cycling Clothing: warm and functional cycling clothing for winter and autumn, maximum protection from rain, cold temperatures and wind
  • Trail & Cross Country: casual, functional and robust bike shorts and bike shirts for leisure-time bikers
  • Cyclocross: slightly warming road bike clothing with a tight fit and featuring protection from nasty weather
  • Urban Cycling Clothing (Travel & City): casual and comfortable functional clothing also suitable for everyday use
  • Indoor Cycling: pragmatic cycling clothing, slightly padded for the gym or training at home
  • Reflective Cycling Clothing (Visibility): very well visible cycling clothing and cycling equipment enhancing your safety in traffic
  • Cycling Waterproof Clothing (Rain Gear): waterproof trousers, waterproof jackets, shoe covers and helmet covers – all that keeps you dry
  • Retro Look Cycling Clothing: cycling clothing with traditional cycling designs and state-of-the-art functionality

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