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Cycling glasses for triathlon

Every second counts in triathlon. Because even in the transition area, when you change your equipment, the time is not stopped. Complicated adjustment of triathlon goggles or awkward fitting are therefore absolute no-goes - they cost valuable time. The most important thing in triathlon is to have the most accurate orientation and unobstructed vision possible. Triathlon goggles must therefore fit well and tightly and have very high-quality lenses.

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At Bobshop you can get high quality and stylish triathlon cycling glasses. Here, too, there are some basic features that you should definitely look out for when buying:

Lightweight frameless glasses or those with half frames are recommended for triathlon. The field of vision of the triathlon sunglasses should not be restricted by the frame, because you must always have a good view of your lateral environment, your fellow competitors on the right and left. Triathlon glasses that fit the contours of your face well and cover the eye area comprehensively also optimise your aerodynamics.

High-quality lenses in triathlon goggles offer comprehensive protection against harmful UV rays, they are also shatterproof and lightweight.

An anti-fog coating to prevent fogging and a hydrophobic coating that lets water roll off quickly are particularly useful when changing from the water to the bike. Vents in the lens or between the lens and the frame also help to prevent fogging.

For triathlon, it is advisable to wear glasses with photochromic, self-tinting lenses, as these automatically adjust to changing light and weather conditions.

Polarised lenses that reduce glare and increase contrast are an advantage in triathlon sunglasses so that you can quickly and easily see details on the bike and run course.

Just as with road cycling glasses, protection from wind and foreign bodies is a necessary feature. On overcast days, wear at least triathlon glasses with transparent lenses just for eye protection.

A perfect and non-slip fit of the triathlon goggles is also elementary. How annoying it is when you have to push your glasses up again and again while running or cycling. Rubberised temple ends and silicone nose pads offer a remedy here. Some athletes also use a strap to hold the glasses in place at the back of the head.

Make sure you pay attention to the quality of the glasses, then nothing will stand in the way of a successful triathlon. Bobshop offers you a large selection of very good and also fashionable triathlon glasses from well-known manufacturers.

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