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Ironman Clothing Online Shop

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SANTINI  Ironman Cupio Tri Top Santini Ironman Cupio Tri Top
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Triathlete sprinting out of the water

The IRONMAN World Championship, the most renowned and toughest Triathlon Competition over a long distance, takes place in Hawaii on a yearly basis. Around 3,000 qualified participants, both amateurs as well as professionals, start in Kailua-Kona with the 3.86 km long swimming stage in the open sea. They then ride their bikes 180 km through Hawaiian lava deserts and after that they run the marathon stage of 42.2 km mostly in the sun with no shade, with more than 30°C and high humidity. Only the strongest make it and the fastest can really be proud to call themselves the world’s best “Iron(wo)man“. For a long time IRONMAN has been listed as a brand for the event as such and also for Triathlon Equipment. Santini, an Italian producer of high quality high tech cycling clothing, as official partner of IRONMAN has developed an exquisite Triathlon IRONMAN clothing collection.

Triathlete cylcing Ironman

IRONMAN clothing – simply the best for the best!

Triathletes are not only characterised by their exceptional fitness but also by their unbelievable endurance, their absolute determination and aspiration. They give everything in a competition and always reach their limits or even exceed them. IRONMAN clothing also has to meet the athlete’s demands. It should be…

  • aerodynamic
  • hydrophobic
  • robust
  • light
  • supportive
  • breathable
  • and quickly drying.

Clothing for an IRONMAN competition is not simply triathlon clothing. IRONMAN clothing is the best clothing for the best triathletes.

Cyclist in Santini Ironman clothing

The IRONMAN Shop exclusively at BOBSHOP

At the IRONMAN shop we have gathered the highlights of the Santini IRONMAN clothing collection plus a complete training outfit for fans of the IRONMAN in Hawaii.

Aahonoui, Ika Ika and Koa are the three new triathlon lines of IRONMAN equipment 2023. Each line features unique designs and offers the perfect equipment for every IRONMAN athlete. Whether hard competition or triathlon training. Every athlete will find the right thing here!

  • Aahonoui is Hawaiian for patience and perseverance. The qualities from which real IRONMAN athletes are born. The design of the high-end line is inspired by the fast-paced start of the swimming discipline. Ultra-light mesh fabric and a compression effect of the tri-suits supported the muscles during the hard competition. Discover the Aahonoui line in the IRONMAN Shop now!
  • Ika Ika means power and strength. Contrasting colors in the design reflect the effort during the race and the pure feeling of happiness at the finish line. The Ika Ika collection offers the complete package for every IRONMAN athlete. High-tech triathlon apparel with the super-flat IRONMAN gel pad, or more reliable training apparel? In the IRONMAN store you will find the big choice.
  • The beautiful Koa collection is ideal for brave and fearless athletes of the world famous triathlon in Hawaii. The colorful design embodies the attitude of an IRONMAN triathlete to deliver top performance and be ready for anything!

At the IRONMAN shop you will find a detailed description and pictures of all technical features the articles have to offer. There are suggestions as to possible combinations and you can easily compare all articles.

And now enjoy shopping IRONMAN clothing at our exclusive IRONMAN shop! And we wish you great success and endurance for your next triathlon competition!

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