Trading conditions

1. General
The Onlineshop (bobshop) is operated by the company Bike o’ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG, In den Weinaeckern 4, 69168 Wiesloch, Germany. bike o’bello is the contractual partner for all deliveries and services within this offer.

2. Conclusion of the contract
The order submitted by you as the buyer constitutes an offer made to bike o' bello to conclude a sales contract. Once your order has been placed with bike o' bello, bike o'bello will send an e-mail confirming the receipt of your order and listing its respective details (order confirmation). This order confirmation does not yet constitute the acceptance of the offer but is merely to inform about the receipt of the order. A sales contract is only concluded once the ordered item is shipped to the buyer and the shipment to the buyer is confirmed by another e-mail (shipping confirmation). All offers are valid as long as stocks last.

3. Cancellation policy for EU member states and Switzerland

Consumers as defined in § 13 BGB (German Civil Code) have a Right of Cancellation:
Right of cancellation
You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving reasons.
The cancellation period is fourteen days from the date on which you or a third party nominated by you, other than the carrier, take possession of the goods.
To exercise your right of cancellation, please inform us, Bike o’ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG, In den Weinaeckern 4, 69168 Wiesloch, Germany; Telephone (UK): 0800 088 59 82, Phone(other countries): +49 1803 - 58 58 800, Fax: +49 1803 585 8801, email: [email protected], within a unique declaration (e.g. a letter sent by mail, fax or email) of your decision to cancel this contract. You can optionally use the attached sample cancellation form. You can also fill out and submit the sample cancellation form or an other unique declaration, electronically, by using the contact form on our website. Once you have made use of this possibility, we will send you a confirmation of the receipt of such cancellation immediately (e.g. by email). To guarantee the cancellation period it is sufficient to submit the notice of implementation of the right of cancellation before the cancellation deadline has expired.
Consequences of cancellation
If you cancel this contract, we are obliged to repay all payments that we have received from you including delivery charges (except for additional costs arising from choosing a different type of delivery to the cheap, standard delivery offered by us) without delay and at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notice of cancellation of this agreement is received. We use the same means of payment for this repayment that you used in the original transaction, unless something else has been expressly agreed with you; in no instances will fees be charged for this repayment. We may refuse to refund payments until we have received the goods again or until you have demonstrated that you have returned the goods, whatever is sooner.
You must return or hand over the goods promptly and in any case no later than fourteen days from the date on which you have informed us about the cancellation of this agreement. The deadline is guaranteed, if you send the goods before expiration of the fourteen day period.
We will assume the costs for return shipment of goods, as long as they are returned within Germany. For this purpose we provide you with a return label that you will receive together with your goods. In case of goods being returned from an other country, you will have to assume the direct costs for return shipment. The direct costs for return shipment are estimated at approximately 9.00 €.
You will only be liable for any possible loss in value of the goods, if this loss in value is attributable to their unnecessary handling for testing, properties and function of the goods.

Model withdrawal form
If you wish to cancel the contract you concluded with us please fill in this form and klick "send"

4. Cancellation policy for Non EU member states except Switzerland

For orders from non EU member states except Switzerland the same regulations of cancellation apply with the following restrictions concerning "consequences of cancellation": if you cancel this contract we will repay all payments we received from you, except for delivery charges, without delay and at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notice of cancellation of this agreement is received.

Model withdrawal form
If you wish to cancel the contract you concluded with us please fill in this form and klick "send"

5. Voluntary return period or conversion
(1) Apart from the legal right of revocation we grant you a voluntary return period for a total of 30 days of receipt. This means you can step back from the contract even after the 14 days legal revocation period. (please see revocation instructions above) by returning the merchandise to our address within 30 days of receipt. In order to exercise the prolonged voluntary return period the articles may be used/worn for test purposes only - as would be common when trying the goods on in a retail store - and must be returned complete, undamaged, in the original packing and with the original label. Gift vouchers and food are excluded from the prolonged voluntary return period. Please note that in spite of the prolonged return period the outstanding amount is due within 14 days in case payment on invoice was agreed. Please send the articles to:

Bike o' bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG
In den Weinaeckern 4 
D-69168 Wiesloch

(2) Additionally, you have the possibility of converting articles that do not fit into another article or size. You can order the desired product you wish to convert via the enclosed return label. This service, as well, is available to you within 30 days of receipt.

6. Delivery / Shipping costs
(1) Shipping costs and delivery times depend on the type of shipping (standard or express), the country the items are shipped to and the weight of the package. Further information on shipping costs and delivery times are supplied upon request and can be found here.
(2) In case of visible damage to the shipping packaging please check the content of the consignment immediately and in the presence of the delivery service's representative and obtain their written confirmation of the damage instantly.
(3) In order to ensure correct delivery of all items ordered, please make sure that you enter your address correctly. Furthermore, please make use of the option to enter a different delivery address in case you are not home during the day. This specific address could be your office, for example (the delivery address is entered when ordering items online). Please note that the delivery of your items can be significantly delayed if you enter your address wrongly or enter an address where the postman does not reach you. If you wish to change your delivery address after the items have been shipped we will need to charge an additional €7.50.

7. Prices and methods of payment
(1) Prices are subject to confirmation. They apply ex-warehouse in Wiesloch plus shipping costs. The prices stated on the website at the time of the order shall apply
(2) All deliveries to non-EU countries (e.g. Switzerland) are effected without the value-added tax applicable in Germany (19% VAT are currently included in the prices).
(3) Bike o'bello only accepts deliveries abroad if payment is made in advance by credit card (Master, Visa and American Express), advance payment via SEPA credit transfer or via Paypal.
(4) Customers resident in Germany and in possession of a German bank account may choose from a number of different payment methods, including SEPA Direct Debit. The customer authorises a SEPA Direct Debit mandate to Bike o‘ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG. The deadline for pre-notification is reduced to 2 days. The customer pledges to provide for sufficient funds in the account. For each returned debit resulting from a lack of sufficient funds or due to the fault of the customer’s bank, as well as for any unlawful revocation, Bike o‘ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to impose a standard charge of €15.00.
(5) In case of prepayment the buyer will receive the invoice amount and bank details by e-mail or by post. The goods will be shipped immediately after the payment has been received on the account of bike o'bello.
(6) Payment for new customers with orders of € 250.- or more is only possible in advance or via Paypal.
(7) Bike o'bello maintains the right to verify the customer's creditworthiness before accepting the order.

8. Rejection of orders
Bike o'bello is free to turn down online orders. The decision is at the discretion of bike o'bello. If bike o'bello will not effect an online order, the buyer will be notified without delay.

9. Terms and Conditions for Vouchers
(1) Redeem a Campaign Voucher
Campaign vouchers cannot be purchased, they are issued by Bike o‘ bello in connection with advertising campaigns with a determined period of validity.

  • Campaign vouchers are only valid within the period of time determined and can be redeemed only once in connection with an order at or on presentation in our shop. Specific brands can be excluded from voucher campaigns. A campaign voucher cannot be used to purchase a gift voucher.
  • In case of a minimum order value determined on the campaign voucher, this minimum amount must be reached for the voucher to become valid. If no minimum order value is determined, the order must at least reach the value of the campaign voucher. The redemption of any residual amount is not possible.
  • Campaign vouchers can only be redeemed before ending the order process/purchasing process. They cannot be offset subsequently. The amount of a campaign voucher cannot be cashed nor can interest be paid on the amount.
  • A campaign voucher cannot be transferred to third parties. Campaign vouchers cannot be combined with each other.
  • A campaign voucher cannot be redeemed or credited if merchandise is returned partly or completely.

(2) Redeem a Gift Voucher
Gift vouchers can be purchased at or in our shop.

  • The amount of a voucher cannot be cashed nor will interests be paid.
  • Gift vouchers can only be redeemed before ending an order process. They cannot be offset subsequently.
  • In case of the gift voucher amount not covering for the order value, the remaining amount is payable by the type of payment chosen in the order process.
  • Purchasing a gift voucher can only be cancelled if the gift voucher has not been redeemed.
  • A gift voucher cannot be purchased with a campaign voucher.
  • Within one order, various gift vouchers can be redeemed. A combination of gift vouchers with one campaign voucher per order is possible.
  • In case of returning or exchanging articles, which were paid with a gift voucher, the merchandise value is credited to your customer account. Cash payment or issuing a new gift voucher is not possible. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to find out about your account balance.
  • We do not assume liability in case of loss, theft or illegibility of the voucher not caused by us.


10. Bobcash Program

Bike o‘ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG operates the bobcash program, a bonus program which enables you to collect credit when purchasing articles, the discount though is not deducted from the price but credited as bobcash credit which you can then use for later purchases.

(1) Conditions for Participation

Participation in the bobcash-programme automatically starts when setting up a customer account (registry).

(2) Collecting and Using your bobcash Credit

As registered customer with every purchase you collect bobcash credit in our online shop. Independent of the value of the purchase, the customer receives a discount credit of currently 2 % on the net purchasing sum including VAT. In case of articles from purchases being returned by the customer the discount credit will be reduced correspondingly. The customer can either use their credit anytime within the next order or can continue to collect credit. The credit will not expire. The credit cannot be disbursed in cash or transferred to third parties.

(3) You can check your current bobcash credit any time inside your customer account

(4) Cancellation, Termination and Changes of Conditions for Participation

Participation in the bobcash-programme automatically ends as soon as the customer initiates cancellation of their customer account. Bobshop shall be entitled to change, amend or end the discount program anytime with observation of a reasonable notice period, and for cause without observation of a notice period while observing customer interests. Such changes or ending will be announced to the customer in good time prior to the change via email or in written form to the address last submitted by the customer.

11. Bobstar Program

(1) Bobstar membership - benefits and fees

When purchasing merchandise, or independent of such, Bobshop customers can become bobstar members. Bobstar membership at Bobshop amounts to 7.95 € for 12 months. Within this time period you will receive a discount of 8% on the payment amount of each of your purchases. Excluded from this are shipping costs, home trainers, the bobstar membership fee and set offers, which are already discounted by default. Further, the bobstar membership discount cannot be combined with other campaigns and discounts which are restricted either in time or to certain groups of customer (e.g. new customers). In such campaigns we will explicitly indicate whenever bobstar membership discount of 8% is not applicable. Disbursement in cash is not possible. Bobstar members will regularly receive exclusive offers and information via e-mail.

(2) Duration and termination

Bobstar membership has a duration of 12 months and is automatically extended by another 12 months if not terminated no later than 14 days prior to duration end within your customer account or via notice to our customer service. As long as you have not fulfilled any purchases utilising your bobstar membership, you will be refunded your complete membership fee within the initial 14 days. You can exert your right of objection specifically by addressing your objection to [email protected] If you have already fufilled a purchase in connection with your bobstar membership, the advantages granted by your bobstar membership (e.g. a discount of 8.00 Euros for an article with a value of 100.00 Euros prior to discount) will be reversed in connection with your objection.

(3) Termination by Bike o‘ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG.

We reserve the right to terminate your membership at our own discretion with 14 days notice. In this case, we will refund your complete membership fee for the current duration of your membership unless you have already realised discounts within this duration, which are higher than your membership fee of the last 12 months period. Refunding is not possible in case of termination for good cause. Termination for good cause is possible without notice if you culpably breach the terms and conditions or applicable law, if bobstar membership is used fraudulently or abusively, or if our interest or the interest of another user is damaged. We do not abandon any right for the future if, in individual cases, we do not reinforce the existing terms and conditions or insist on you observing these terms.

(4) Alteration of terms and scope of services

We reserve the right to change the terms and scope of services of bobstar membership at our own discretion. You will be informed about all important changes of these terms and conditions. All further general terms and conditions of the Bike o‘ bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co. KG are applicable. We will inform you in case of changes to these conditions or the scope of services. You then have the right to object to the changes of conditions. If you wish to object to the changes, please inform us via e-mail to [email protected] within 14 days. A possible increase in membership fee will become effective for the next duration. In case of a change proving ineffective, unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the effectiveness and enforceability of the remaining changes and terms are not affected.

12. Reservation of title

All delivered goods remain the property of bike o'bello until full payment has been made.

13. Disclaimer
(1) Bike o'bello shall not be held liable for damages other than to the delivered goods; in particular bike o'bello shall not be held liable for lost profits or any other financial loss on the part of the customer.
(2) The preceding liability limitations do not apply if the cause of the loss or damage is based on wilful intent or gross negligence, or in case of personal injury. If Bike o'bello negligently breaches a duty or obligation essential to the contract, the obligation to pay compensation for property damages shall be restricted to the damage that typically occurs.

14. Data protection
Bike o'bello will save customer data for internal use only and strictly in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG]. All personal information is treated confidentially. We do not disclose, sell, license or otherwise make available any of the information provided to third parties for commercial use. Your e-mail address is usedonly to send you our newsletter (customer information, special offers). Of course, you can contact us at any time if you wish your personal information to be deleted from our database by writing an e-mail to [email protected]

15. Copyright
The content, design and texts of our catalogues and our online shop are the intellectual property of Bike o'bello and are protected by copyright. The use of any pictures, texts and logos without the written permission of Bike o'bello is illegal and will have legal consequences.

16. Other provisions
German law applies to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention. Insofar as the parties are registered merchants within the meaning of the Handelsgesetzbuch or if the buyer has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, any disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship between Bike o'bello and the buyer shall be settled before a competent regional or local court of law at the domicile of Bike o'bello.
Errors and omissions excepted. Prices are subject to change.

17. Operator of the online shop
Bike o' bello Radsportversand GmbH & Co.KG
In den Weinaeckern 4
D-69168 Wiesloch

Managing director: Angelo Nanni, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Court of Registry: Mannheim, reg. no. HRA 701259

VAT reg. no. DE 255114961
Personally liable shareholder Bike o' bello VerwaltungsGmbH | HRB 702569

Revised November 2020



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