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Beginner's Guide: Performance Underwear in Cycling

Cycling imposes special requirements on clothing, with base layers playing a crucial role. These garments fulfill specific functions that have a significant impact on a cyclist's well-being and performance. The cycling-specific fit ensures that base layers snugly fit the body and yet provide sufficient freedom of movement to focus on riding. Here are some points to consider:

1. Temperature Regulation and Moisture Wicking

The rapid sweat evaporation through modern base layers ensures a comfortable and dry feeling, minimizing the risk of friction and chafing. Well-known brands like Craft or Scott rely on technologies like Coolmax and Dri-FIT, efficiently drawing moisture away from the skin to prevent skin irritations. These technologies play a crucial role by not only preventing moisture buildup but also shortening drying time and optimizing comfort during long rides.

Functional Underwear_06

Example: Löffler Transtex

An outstanding example of base layers focusing on effective temperature regulation and moisture wicking is the Transtex system from Löffler. With seven different variants tailored to specific climatic conditions, Transtex offers a comprehensive selection for cyclists. The intelligent combination of absorbent functional fibers and modern technologies ensures not only optimal protection against overheating in summer and cooling in winter but also efficient sweat removal. The result is a consistently pleasant body climate that maximizes comfort for cyclists during their tours.


2. Comfort and Fit

The importance of comfort and fit in cycling clothing cannot be emphasized enough. A crucial factor for both is the seamless construction, minimizing potential friction points and preventing skin irritations and chafing. The ergonomic design ensures that cyclists experience unrestricted freedom of movement, especially during long rides.

The cycling-specific fit plays a key role in ensuring that base layers fit snugly to the body and yet provide sufficient freedom of movement. In particular, the extended back area in undershirts is essential for the forward-leaning riding position on the bike. This aspect is often overlooked, as base layers for other sports often do not meet the specific requirements of cycling.

Functional Underwear_02

It is important to note that there are also differences within cycling. Road cycling-specific underwear fits as closely as possible to the body and is designed for a strongly forward-leaning sitting position. In contrast, MTB underwear is more relaxed and can even be combined with protectors to meet the specific needs of mountain bikers.

Example: Craft Fuseknit

An outstanding example of base layers that prioritize comfort and fit is the Fuseknit system from Craft. With its seamless construction, ergonomic design, and cycling-specific fit, Fuseknit provides an optimal base for cyclists. The underwear ensures not only minimal friction and maximum freedom of movement but also considers the specific requirements of different disciplines within cycling.

3. Materials and Technologies

The selection of the right materials and technologies in functional underwear is crucial for its performance and the comfort of the cyclist. Here, we take a closer look at the various elements used in high-quality functional underwear, considering the increasing focus on sustainability.

 Functional Underwear_04

Functional underwear often relies on high-performance fibers that meet the specific requirements of cycling. These include, for example, merino wool-blend fibers, providing natural temperature regulation and possessing odor-resistant properties. Synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and elastane are also used to effectively wick moisture, ensure a good fit, and increase durability.

The highest quality and functionality are achieved when the functional fiber is used in an optimized overall design, considering knitting technique and fit. An exemplary product is Miracolo, developed by the renowned brand Castelli. Miracolo combines a merino-nylon blend with a unique mesh structure that rapidly dissipates heat – ideal for athletic performance.

Technical progress here is consistently admirable. This applies not only to functionality but also to the topic of sustainability. In addition to increased recycling content and environmentally conscious production processes, entirely new technologies are being developed that redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

An outstanding example of cycling underwear is Natex from UYN: This fiber is derived 100% from plant-based castor oil. It not only offers natural temperature regulation and odor-resistant properties but also emphasizes a commitment to sustainability. The use of Natex makes it clear that high-quality functional underwear focuses not only on performance but also on ecological responsibility.

4. Types of Cycling Underwear: Customized for Every Need

Functional Underwear_03

The variety of cycling underwear extends across different types tailored to specific requirements and needs of cyclists. These different types not only provide protection but also optimize comfort and performance according to the individual requirements of the rider.

For targeted temperature regulation of the upper body, especially in hot conditions, these undershirts are the optimal choice. They provide protection and support moisture regulation without restricting freedom of movement.

In cooler weather conditions, long-sleeve undershirts are a suitable option. They provide thermal insulation and protection against adverse weather conditions.

  • Short Shorts

Even though cyclists typically ride without underwear, there is this practical variant of cycling underwear as an alternative. Cycling shorts offer protection and comfort for short rides or in warmer weather conditions. Their design focuses on minimizing friction while ensuring good ventilation.

  • Long Shorts

For cooler temperatures and longer rides, long shorts are ideal. Long shorts are particularly popular in the cooler seasons or for mountain bikers who move through different terrains.

  • Padded Underwear

Padded inner shorts or underwear are ideal for quickly and uncomplicatedly putting on under everyday clothing. This type of underwear features integrated padding, providing additional comfort while riding. They protect against friction and offer pleasant cushioning. Ideal under MTB shorts without padding or even under jeans on the way to work – perfect for commuters.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Functional Underwear

In the world of cycling, the importance of functional underwear is undeniable. The clothing requirements vary depending on the situation and weather conditions. Whether it's precise body temperature regulation, optimal fit, or innovative materials like Natex and Miracolo – careful selection of the right underwear is the key to an unparalleled comfort experience. From sleeveless shirts to padded inner shorts, the diverse selection provides tailored solutions. Whether Löffler Transtex, Craft Fuseknit, or UYN Natex, high-quality functional underwear combines performance and superior comfort for a riding experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

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