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Climate-Friendly Cycling – Product Sustainability at Bobshop

One of the best ways to be environmentally conscious while on the go is cycling. Since it's both fun and promotes health, cycling is rightly very popular.

However, as a leading provider of cycling clothing and accessories, we go a step further. Our goal is to offer high-quality and functional products - as environmentally friendly as possible!

That's why in this blog post, we want to take a closer look at how we live sustainability and the challenges we face in doing so.

Transparency: Enabling Informed Purchasing Decisions for Our Customers

As an outdoor sport, cycling motivates people to get to know and appreciate nature. It's no wonder that cycling enthusiasts place an above-average value on sustainability!

As a company, we have a special responsibility: as a key player in the cycling market, we use our voice to constantly demand progress from our suppliers. And we make our customers aware of the areas where action is still needed:

In our product descriptions, we explain all the important aspects and highlight environmentally friendly attributes. Straightforward filtering options for various sustainability criteria allow our customers to selectively set their own preferences from our extensive range of products.

Sustainability - Various Logos

Nevertheless, we must make considerations and decisions repeatedly. The highest recycling content of a bicycle helmet is of no use if the safety of the rider is not guaranteed in the event of a fall. Therefore, our goal is:

Highest Quality and Functionality - As Sustainable as Possible.

Performance and sustainability do not have to contradict each other. We value performance, we value environmental protection - just like our customers! To meet this expectation, we pay attention to the following aspects when selecting our collection:

Our top priority is the quality and functionality of the materials and, of course, their durability. Disposable products harm the environment and the wallet. Therefore, we want to offer clothing that not only looks good but also provides long-lasting enjoyment.

An important first step is the manufacture within Europe. By following strict EU guidelines for ingredients and working conditions, we can ensure that our clothing is produced under fair conditions and does not contain harmful substances. Another advantage: Short and fast transport routes save a lot of climate-damaging CO2.

However, legal requirements are just the minimum standard we adhere to. Whenever possible, we aim for even higher standards, which are objectively and independently verified in the form of eco-certifications. Key examples include certifications like Bluesign and Oeko-Tex. Products can only carry these seals after rigorous inspections of the manufacturing processes. In particular, the chemicals used in production are rigorously tested.

We want to avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible. Particularly common are substances like PFC, also known as "forever chemicals," which are often used in jackets to make them water-repellent. The harmful plasticizer BPA is still too common in drinking bottles. In these cases, we prefer to use PFC-free weatherproof clothing and BPA-free accessories such as drinking bottles and hydration packs.

Regarding the materials themselves, we differentiate between biotech and recycled materials. When there is no alternative to conventional synthetic fibers, we pay particular attention to the recycling content of our clothing. By maximizing recycling, we avoid the waste of valuable resources.

Technological progress enables us to produce high-quality fabrics in an environmentally friendly way from organic materials. These "biotech" products are made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. Every year, new technological possibilities emerge that we can't even imagine yet.

A proven way to reduce the plastic content is to use wool from Merino sheep. Already by nature, cycling clothing made from Merino wool offers comfortable wear, durability, and has antibacterial properties, making it odor-resistant. When purchasing Merino products, ensure that the wool comes from non-Mulesing breeding for both sustainable natural materials and animal welfare.

Therefore, we pay attention to our selection of sports nutrition, not only for tasty and nutritious content. Vegan products taste just as good and are often healthier alternatives to conventional versions.

Overview of Sustainability Attributes in the Online Shop:

In the online shop, we have already marked sustainable items with the icons shown below. Sustainability attributes can be easily filtered. By clicking on an icon, all available items in the online shop will be listed, and at the end of the page, there is a detailed explanation of each sustainability attribute. Selection of the desired item group is also possible here.

If an item meets multiple sustainability aspects, we have selected the main aspect. The remaining aspects are listed in the item description.



These cycling articles have a recycling content of at least 50% for polyester or polyamide fabrics. All plastic recyclables are used as the basis. Recycling conserves fossil resources, reduces climate-damaging emissions, and reduces energy consumption.


Better cycling clothing without PFC! Per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) are highly water, dirt, and grease repellent, but unfortunately, they have a lasting negative impact on the environment and the human body. PFC is used in outdoor clothing for surface impregnation or in membranes.


Well advised with BPA-free water bottles! According to medical studies, bisphenol A (BPA) is highly hazardous to health. BPA is a plasticizer found in many everyday plastic items. Through contact with food, BPA can enter the human body.


Cycling clothing and accessories with official eco-certificates for materials, production, and/or working conditions, e.g., Green Button, Oeko-Tex 100, Bluesign, etc. A good choice for the environment, people, and yourself.


Alternative raw materials are the key to sustainable cycling clothing and accessories. These are not only more environmentally friendly but also increasingly offer better functionality than conventional materials.


Vegan sports nutrition, personal care, or sportswear does not contain any animal components and has not been tested on animals. Vegan products are gentle on animals and the environment.


Cycling clothing for comfort! Wool naturally regulates temperature and has antibacterial properties; functional fibers rapidly wick moisture away and dry quickly. You won't want to take off these soft Merino wool-blend textiles.


For those who enjoy cycling, they know the importance of high-quality and functional equipment that is also rugged and durable. The longer you can use these long-lasting products, the better - for yourself and for the environment!

Made in Europe

Looking for high-quality cycling clothing and accessories? Then it's worth taking a look at products made in Europe. In addition to high quality, there are many other reasons for such a choice.

That's a look at our collection - but what about us as a company?

Modern Company Structure for More Environmental Protection

Even a completely recycled jersey harms the environment if it travels around the world multiple times. For us, sustainability and environmental protection mean paying attention to every aspect, not just the products themselves.

That's why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure short and efficient delivery routes. The shorter the distance, the lower the CO2 emissions and, thus, the ecological footprint. Additionally, we use recycled packaging materials in our deliveries to minimize environmental impact.

An often overlooked aspect of environmental protection is our comprehensive product advice, which is very important to us. Through various options for individual consultation, especially our straightforward and popular chat, we can ensure that our customers get the right product. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also reduces environmentally harmful return shipments to a minimum.

Another crucial point is waste prevention. It can happen from time to time that during the production of goods, a small visual defect in the print occurs, for example. This B-grade merchandise is not discarded but offered at a reduced price in our (Bob) store. This allows us to save resources and offer our customers more affordable products simultaneously.

Speaking of the Bob Store: Our office building, retail space, and warehouse are not only modern but also environmentally friendly. Through high energy efficiency and the use of green energy, we can minimize our energy consumption and, thus, reduce our CO2 emissions. For instance, we use heat pumps for heating and cooling and a ventilation system with heat recovery. A green area serves as a wildflower meadow for nature.

Bobshop - Headquarters in Wiesloch

We offer eco-friendly options not only to our customers but also to our employees. Our employees have the opportunity to purchase a job bike and/or a job ticket with a subsidy. This promotes eco-friendly mobility and contributes to reducing traffic congestion.

Outlook: What Lies Ahead

As avid cycling enthusiasts, our love for nature should come as no surprise. But it's not just about the love of nature; it's also about preserving nature as our foundation for life. After all, humans are part of nature, and they must relearn to treat natural resources considerately and responsibly to avoid harming themselves. Technological progress that has so far exploited and harmed nature must now have the task of promoting human prosperity in harmony with nature. There will surely be many developments and options in the near future that we can't even imagine today.

Bobshop's goal today is to comprehensively inform our customers about the state of sustainable items in our product range and provide them with a basis for making sustainable purchasing decisions. However, we are confident that there will be many sustainable innovations in cycling equipment in the near future, which we will certainly incorporate into our collections. We stay on top of things, and we will always keep our customers informed.

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